Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/11/08-Guilford Mooring, Guilford, CT

Now, I'm not much for seafood, but this is a great restaurant. We've been here a few times, and never a bad experience. We were seated right away, and dinner began with a hunk of bread with melted honey butter over it--excellent. We ordered the special appetizer of the evening, which was swordfish bites--hunks of swordfish, breaded and fried on a bed of onion straws and with a citrus glaze--I don't even eat fish and I loved it! Then our salads came out before our entrees--Tom had the lazy man's stuffed lobster (must have been good--he polished the plate!) and I had the lasagna (next time, go for the chicken milanese-much better choice). And yessss, dessert was chocolate decadence, which is so sinful that I'm probably already on my way to hell for eating it! A great restaurant with a great view of the marina, this is never a bad choice.

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