Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/19/08-Aunt Chilada's, Hamden, CT

Are you noticing a pattern? We do heart our mexican food (and of course, our Mexico trip--coming up very soon!!). This place is decent, but it's no Margaritas--the food seemed much blander than other mexican restaurants I've been to. Usual crew on Saturday night--I had the "big e" (3 different enchiladas), Dan had grilled tuna steak burger, Tom had a NY strip (we're at a Mexican restaurant! ah well.) and Jill had a chimichanga combo plate. Salsa was ok, not that great. All of our dishes were decent, but we all agree--rather go to Margaritas for Mexican!! They did make a damn strong drink--my margarita with Patron was excellent--maybe I just felt like it was strong from the lack of food in my stomach or all the exertion from that afternoon? The perk here would be the outdoor patio in the warm weather, but as nice as it was outside, they were not serving on the patio.

No website, but you can find them on Whitney Ave. in Hamden.

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